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Wet/Dry vacuums

Wet/Dry vacuums

For a whole range of cleaning jobs.

After the work is done, the clean-up begins: workshops must be cleaned of sawdust, buildings must be cleaned after construction or renovations. It helps to have a vacuum that unsparingly sucks up puddles, wood chips, sand and wet grime like the STIHL universal wet/dry vacuums. Can also be easily connected to power tools via a hose adapter, dust and grime go directly into the vacuum during sawing, drilling or grinding work without touching the floor.

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Stainless steel suction tube Featured Price
SE 62 120 1,000 / 8.3 70.9
MSRP $249.95 * Now Only $219.95 **
SE 122 120 1,000 / 8.3 62
MSRP $449.95 * Now Only $429.95 **

* Manufacturer's featured price updated as of January 1, 2017. Manufacturer’s featured prices are subject to change without notice.

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