Selection Professional, Woodcutter and Polyamide Axes
Professional, Woodcutter and Polyamide Axes

Professional, Woodcutter and Polyamide Axes

Professional Axes: Axe head made of C60 steel secured with two metal rings with a wooden wedge for maximum safety, and steel collar below axe head to protect wooden handle (except forestry hatchet). Woodcutter Axes: With ash handles and high quality steel heads. Polyamide Axes: Strong and durable with non-stick coating enabling smooth movement through wood.

Model Featured Price
Professional Forestry Hatchet $107.99*
Professional Forestry Axe $161.99*
Professional Splitting Axe $161.99*
Professional Splitting Maul $161.99*
Woodcutter Forestry Hatchet $67.99*
Woodcutter Forestry Axe $82.99*
Woodcutter Splitting Maul $107.99*
Polyamide Forestry Hatchet $102.49*
Polyamide Forestry Axe $148.99*
Polyamide Splitting Maul $160.99*

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