Behind The Scenes - Cut Protective Clothing

We tell you how important Personal Protective Equipment is for your safety - but how do we know it is safe?

Behind The Scenes - Cut Protective Clothing

We have been talking in Safety Saturday posts about how important Personal Protective Equipment is for your safety. But how can we ensure we are providing the safest materials?

When you hear about high-tech fibres from your everyday lives, you may think about waterproof, breathable rain jackets that accompany us through many days of the year . But at STIHL, when we talk about high-tech fibres, we tend to mean another type of fabric, a material we hope you will never have to test out: cut protection fibres.

These fibres have a number of special qualities: They are very long, thin and, above all, extremely cut-resistant. Our cut protection clothing contains multiple layers of these fibres.

When a chain saw comes into contact with trousers with cut protection, the chain teeth rip out the long, tough fibres, which wrap themselves around the chain saws drive pinion in a matter of milliseconds in order to stop the movement.

We test out these functions with new models and prototypes in real-life conditions. Our findings are therefore a perfect mixture of materials expertise, a deep understanding of the tools and precise knowledge of user requirements.

STIHL tests its products with highly acclaimed institutions in Europe and maintains the highest testing standards. That means that you can only buy clothing with officially approved cut protection at STIHL.

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