Chainsaw Giveaway

Find out how our chainsaw giveaway winner is using his MS 170 to help his community!

Chainsaw Giveaway

 In December 2015, we ran a contest on our Facebook page to win a free MS 170 chainsaw. The rules were simple, all you had to do was tell us what you would do with a new chainsaw.

We had lots of responses in, and many involved helping others in your communities. However, the one that stood out for us, was Chuck Terpstra from Sioux Lookout, Ontario. Chuck replied to our post with an answer to our question by saying: "Our men's group cuts wood for one another and for single mothers in town. I love my MS 170, and it comes to every event. I would donate a saw to the group, as I've never met more deserving men".

When we let Chuck know he was the winner, he replied - "Thank you, thank you, I'm definitely STIHL for life. I've been calling the guys already, I wish you could hear how excited they are!"

Later he sent us a link to a newspaper article that was written about the group and their MS 170 in their local paper - the Sioux Bulletin. You can find the link to the article here.

Congratulations Chuck!


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