Don't Forget To Water Your Trees!

Trees have many jobs in our communities

Don't Forget To Water Your Trees!

 Trees have many jobs in our communities – they are busy making our houses feel like homes, improving property values, clean our water and air and even make our streets safer. When we maintain our trees carefully, we enjoy the wide range of benefits at a low cost with little effort.

You should be watering your young trees twice per week and mature trees once per week (about 5 gallons) in several places. Make sure to water the "drip zone", the area directly beneath the foliage and shaded by the tree. During a drought, you should water the tree directly with a hose or 5 gallon bucket. Also, by adding mulch to this area, you will not only lower soil temperatures, but reduce the water evaporation.

Water early in the morning, or after the sun has set, as this is when your trees replace the water they have lost during the day. Also, less water evaporates during these times.

The critical time for water in deciduous trees is during bud-break in the spring, and bud formation in the summer.

Mature trees require more water when growing near heat traps on your property. These heat traps include driveways and house foundations. As well, exposed trees require more water as their water loss is greater when they are constantly exposed to a hot afternoon sun and a strong wind.

Water is a precious resource, so consider the following when watering your trees to conserve water:

  • Inside, place buckets in the shower to collect water
  • Recycle water from a dehumidifier or collect air conditioning condensation or "save a flush" to conserve
  • Outside, consider converting irrigation systems to a drip, low-flow or micro-spray
  • Water your trees so that it soaks into the ground, rather than creating run-off
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