How STIHL Saw Chains Are Made

Good cutting performance is dependent on a high-quality saw chain.

How STIHL Saw Chains Are Made

Good cutting performance is dependent on a high-quality saw chain. Another important factor is how the engine unit, guide bar and saw chain interact. That is why STIHL manufacturers all of its saw chains itself so we can guarantee these factors are in perfect harmony.

Our saw chains are made in STIHL factories in Wil and Bronschhofen in Switzerland using specially developed machinery. Swiss precision ensures that our saw chains are produced to the highest quality standards. 

These are the steps at how a saw chain is made - from the raw materials right through to the finished product:

 1) The rivet bolts are delivered on spools and carefully inspected doing the incoming goods inspection. The rivet bolts are then cold formed.

 2) Strip steel must be passed through a quality check and approved for production for all the blanked parts of the saw chain. The cutter, connector and drive link are blanked from raw materials in the blanking shop.

All STIHL employees are responsible for the quality of whatever they produce. For example, toolmakers examine whether the tools deliver the high quality standards that are expected of them. 

3) The next step is hardening the parts in the hardening furnace.

4) After the parts are hardened, they need to be ground. Each cutter must be ground individually and automatically stored on a special machine developed in-house at STIHL.

5) The components of the chain are cleaned and inspected several times during production. They are now ready for assembly!

A fundamental part of day-to-day work in the chain plant is quality assurance. Individual parts, as well as finished chains, are inspected randomly throughout the process.

6) Some of the chains leave the plant as finished products that have been cut to length, known as loops. A special packaging machine ensures chains are placed in boxes correctly. Otherwise, they are stored in the logistics building in 100-foot rolls.


"Our products enjoy success all over the world and live up to the high quality that STIHL is known for. Every single member of our team makes their own contribution to this - and that is a great source of pride for me." - Joachim Zappe, Managing Director STIHL Kettenwerk Switzerland



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