New professional Clearing Saws

FS 360 C-E, FS 410 C-E K, FS 460 C-EM K, FS 560 C-EM

New professional Clearing Saws This new product series marks a revolutionary change. These new machines feature exceptional ergonomics, durability, power and reliability. All these models feature STIHL's EASY2START™ technology, combined with exceptional run times and thanks to increased fuel efficiency. As well, the FS 460 C-EM K and FS 560 C-EM come equipped with STIHL's M-Tronic (M) system. This fully electronic engine management system adjust ignition timing and fuel metering in all operating modes and takes external conditions such as temperature, altitude and fuel quality into account.

These professional clearing saws are invaluable when mowing tough grass or scrub, doing clearing work in the forest and for mowing or clearing vegetation in orchards or on difficult terrain. Four performance classes allow you to choose the most appropriate clearing saw for the particular job at hand.