Engine oil mix

The correct ratio for optimal performance

Oils and lubricants

To operate your gas powered tool, you need a mixture of gas and engine oil to power the engine.

Gas/engine oil Mix

Your gas powered engine requires a mixture of gasoline and engine oil to operate. The quality of the gasoline and oil is extremely important to the running and life of the engine.

Unsuitable fuels or mix ratios that do not comply with the specification can seriously damage the engine (piston seizing, excessive wear.). For optimal performance we recommend STIHL Premium 50:1 mix engine oil available at your local STIHL Dealer.

Examples of mixing proportions

Gasoline STIHL Premium two-stroke engine oil 1:50
Litres Litres ml
1 0.02 (20)
5 0.10 (100)
10 0.20 (200)
15 0.30 (300)
20 0.40 (400)
25 0.50 (500)

Information about gasoline

Information about engine oil

To mix the fuel, first pour the engine oil and then the gas into a suitable can approved for use with fuel. Before pouring this mix into the fuel tank, first mix it thoroughly by shaking the can. Take care when opening the can as pressure may have built up inside.