London, ON, 04/05/2016

Raw Power with a Smart Design…the MS 362 C-M Chain Saw is Ready for Any Job

Raw Power with a Smart Design…the MS 362 C-M Chain Saw is Ready for Any Job

More power, lighter weight and the M-Tronic™ fully electronic engine management system. The REDESIGNED STIHL MS 362 C-M chain saw offers professionals outstanding performance right from the word go. No matter if you're just starting work, are already on the job or are restarting the chain saw after a break, M-Tronic™ precisely and electronically regulates the ignition timing in all operating modes and also meters the fuel supply. It even takes into account external conditions such as temperature, elevation and fuel quality. It always delivers peak performance right from the word go – whether you're felling, limbing or bucking. The long-life air filter system and HD2 round filter enables a long filter life. The filter reliably protects the engine from fine particles and is easy to clean. With so much hassle taken off your hands, you can focus entirely on what's important: your work.

Long-life Air Filter System and HD2 Round Filter
The MS 362 C-M chain saw offers outstandingly long filter life. Coarse dirt particles are removed by the air routing, lightening the load on the actual filter. The filter is made of polyethylene and its pores are up to 70% finer than conventional filters.
That means it can stop even the most minute particles of dust. It can be attached and removed without tools for easy cleaning. For stubborn grime, a thorough wash with warm soapy water will cleanse the filter.

STIHL 2-stroke Stratified Scavenging Engine
The efficient STIHL 2-stroke stratified scavenging engine optimizes fuel utilization and allows for high torque over a wide RPM range. With up to 70% lower exhaust emissions and fuel consumption reduced by 20%, this chain saw has plenty of power and performs well.

STIHL ElastoStart™ and Decompression Valve
In conjunction with ElastoStart™, the decompression valve reduces the tractive force on the starter cord, making it easier to start the engine. The decompression valve reduces the compression of the engine when the tool is being started.

Professional Anti-vibration System
The anti-vibration system reduces vibrations and oscillations to the operator with a system of buffers, as well as special springs between the engine block and the handles – for less tiring, more precise operation.

Quick Locks
The cover can be quickly and easily removed by opening three quick locks. That way you can clean and service the air filter, spark plugs and cylinder fins.

Captive Nuts
It's impossible to lose the captive nuts when you're swapping cutting attachments, as they are attached to the sprocket cover itself.


  • Reduced weight, optimized with ROLLOMATIC® ES lightweight guide bar
  • Best in class power-to-weight ratio
  • Optimized cooling system and cylinder design
  • Improved ergonomics
  • Weight reduced by 200 g to 5.6 kg from 5.8 kg
  • Improved handling
  • Optimized bumper spike
  • New chain sprocket cover
  • Stop switch enables hot machine to be started right away without operating the switch again
  • Carburetor setting by user not necessary

Displacement: 59.0 cc
Power Output: 3.5 kW
Weight:† 5.6 kg/12.3 lb

MSRP is $969.95*

† Excluding fuel, guide bar and saw chain.
* With 16" bar.

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