Sharp Advice

Never ignore chain maintenance – any chain saw is only as good as its saw chain!

Sharp Advice

Keeping your saw chain in good repair will save you both money and cutting time.

Here are some clues as to when your saw chain is in need of a sharpening:
- You are getting fine sawdust instead of wood chips
- Your saw is not cutting in a straight line
- The cutters are not properly sharpened
- The chain "chatters" or "jumps"

Never force a dull chain to cut – this only increases the risk of injury and damage to the bar and chain.

Here, our Technical Manager at STIHL Canada, Chad Dubois, shows you how to properly sharpen your STIHL chain saw.

Remember: have your chain re-sharpened by your local STIHL servicing dealer after sharpening it about five times yourself. Even using the correct hand tools, you can always run the risk of filing at incorrect angles. Your local STIHL servicing dealer has the equipment to precisely file your chain, and a professional sharpening will help your chain last longer.


Here are some other tips to keeping your saw chain in good shape:

1) Avoid hitting dirt, rocks or any other abrasive material while cutting.

2) Check the chain tension often – you should never allow the chain to sag. Note: your saw chain should not be tight when you're done cutting since the chain will "shrink" as it cools.

3) Never install a new chain without inspecting the sprocket and replacing if necessary

4) Check the entire chain often for visible wear and damage

5) Make sure that your chain is always properly lubricated by checking the bar and chain oil level every time you refuel your engine

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