SR 450 Recall

SR 450 Recall

July 2021


Dear STIHL customer,


STIHL Limited is recalling to repair certain SR 450 backpack sprayers manufactured between March 2020 and May 2021. The serial number range affected by this recall is between 369 259 472 and 370 391 433. Machines with serial numbers outside this range are not included in the recall.


During quality checks, cracks were found in some of the flywheels assembled in SR 450 backpack sprayers in the noted serial number range. While there have been no reported incidents, a failure during the operation of the machine could pose a projectile hazard to the operator or a bystander. A damaged flywheel is not necessarily apparent from a simple visual inspection.


Our records indicate that you or your business purchased a backpack sprayer subject to this recall. Please discontinue use of the STIHL 450 backpack sprayer immediately and take it to an authorized STIHL dealer. The dealer will replace the flywheel at no cost to you.


If you need to locate your nearest STIHL dealer, please use the dealer locator application on or call STIHL Limited at (519) 681-3000.


STIHL Limited