STIHL Batteries Pack a Powerful Punch

Volt, watt or ampere? Find out what contributes to the power rating of a modern battery.

STIHL Batteries Pack A Powerful Punch

Battery power tools are quiet and light when compared to gas units with similar performance. They start with the pull of a trigger and do not generate any exhaust emissions, plus they are low-maintenance and easy to use.

In this blog post, we will show you what sets the quality of STIHL batteries and battery power tools apart, what contributes to a power rating and why more voltage does not automatically mean more performance.

Lithium-Ion Batteries: The Only Power Source for STIHL Battery Tools
Today, lithium-ion batteries are used in most cordless power tools, and STIHL tools are no exception. That's because these batteries offer a host of advantages over other types: they have a high energy and power density along with a low weight, no memory effect, a long service life and low self-discharge. Because battery power tools make it possible to work without a cord, they also provide maximum flexibility and freedom of movement.
STIHL batteries feature electronic monitoring to prevent deep discharge, overheating or overloading cells. They also feature a tough, compact housing to provide optimum protection. The battery housing comes with a built-in electronic charge level indicator that can be activated by simply pressing a button and information such as charge level will be displayed via four LEDs.
STIHL batteries are available in a variety of model ranges with a selection of energy content options.

Volt, watt or ampere: which metric reveals the most about a battery's performance?
Because the market has yet to establish a standard for determining the performance of a battery, manufacturers are free to choose the manner in which they state power. Many decide to list voltage as the measure of their batteries' performance (power). However, the most meaningful metric is watt (W), which is calculated as voltage (V) multiplied by current in amperes (A): W = V x A.
As a result, the combination of voltage and current, rather than a single metric alone, plays a decisive role in the power of a battery powered tool. STIHL has therefore decided on a system with a rated voltage of 36 V. This voltage, and the ability to convert it into a high current, guarantees tremendous power for lithium-ion battery power tools.

The optimum voltage: 36 V or 80 V batteries?
Lithium-ion batteries consist of individual cells arranged in rows. Each of these cells has a rated voltage of 3.6 V. STIHL 36 V batteries always feature ten cells in a row (10 x 3.6 = 36 V). Therefore, the voltage is the sum of the number of round cells in a row.
In addition to powerful performance, STIHL places particular value on the size and weight of its batteries. A voltage of 36 V makes it possible to generate high electric currents (A), all while keeping the size and number of components low. To do so, cells are arranged in parallel circuits, such as in a STIHL PRO cordless power system AP 300. This battery features three rows of ten round cells each (10 x 3.6 V + 10 x 3.6 V + 10 x 3.6 V). The use of fewer electronic components makes the lithium-ion battery line-up of power tools compact, light and durable.
But STIHL 36 V batteries are not only compact. They also have the same voltage throughout each battery power system (HomeScaper Series™ and Professional), making it possible for users like you to utilize batteries with different energy content in your cordless power tool depending on the situation and the tool. Users of the HomeScaper Series™ cordless power system, for example, can choose from three batteries with different energy content with the same housing size for their tools.

Ensuring constant peak performance: up to 60 A of current
The efficiency of the entire system is particularly important in battery power tools, which only have a limited amount of energy per battery charge. To get the best possible results over a long period of time, the amount of power the battery actually delivers to the tool you are using is crucial.
That is why STIHL focuses on intelligent motor control, which enables the battery and the power tool to exchange data and actively supply power based on the real need (known as the load). To ensure that your STIHL tool always receives all the power the battery has to offer, the current is automatically increased while the voltage of the battery slowly decreases during use.
If a situation does not call for the battery's full power, on the other hand, the current is automatically reduced. For example, battery-powered hedge trimmers work with a higher current when trimming a large hedge than when trimming a small box tree, making optimum use of the energy in the battery and extending the battery life of the charge.

From batteries to cutting attachments: a powerful, complete package
All of the components in STIHL lithium-ion battery powered tools come from a single source. For example, only cutting tools that are specially designed for battery power attachments are used, ensuring that they are neither too large nor too heavy. That goes for guide bars, saw chains, hedge trimmer blades and mowing tools alike.
The way the battery is positioned in the tool also helps to ensure perfect balance in users' hands. As a result, STIHL cordless power tools feature particularly good handling – an absolute must for handheld tools. After all, the heavier and larger a tool is, the more strenuous it is for users to work with.
When it comes to technology and comfort, STIHL can look back on over 90 years of experience as a manufacturer of chain saws and power tools for professional forestry and agriculture, as well as for gardening and landscape maintenance. The result is a powerful, complete package consisting of batteries, tools and cutting attachments that make it easier for you to get the job done!

STIHL has the right cordless power tool for everyone
STIHL has the right tool for every job, regardless of whether you are an occasional user or a professional one. The line-ups of STIHL lithium-ion battery tools are perfect for light-duty jobs around the garden. As a bonus, all batteries can be used for all tools within a product family.

Do you want to find out what STIHL cordless power tool best fits your needs? Find them at one of our more than 1000 STIHL Dealers across Canada.