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The MS 261 C-M Chain Saw is Ready for the Future


The MS 261 C-M Chain Saw is Ready for the Future

The IMPROVED STIHL MS 261 C-M chain saw was designed for professional use in forestry. Compact, powerful and fitted with the STIHL M-Tronic™ fully electronic engine management system, the MS 261 C-M delivers optimal engine performance at all times, proving its worth when trimming branches, harvesting thin wood and felling trees in medium-sized stands. Thanks to its cutting precision and high torque, it also makes light work of thinning jobs. Its impressive features also include an anti-vibration system and a longer air filter life system.

Delayed stratified scavenging. The advantage is high torque over a wide RPM range, with up to 50% lower exhaust emissions and up to 20% lower fuel
consumption compared to STIHL two-stroke engines of the same performance class.

Professional anti-vibration system. This system features special springs between the engine block and the handles, which act as buffer zones and reduce the
vibrations generated by the engine and the rotating saw chain to just 3.5 m/s², making your work less strenuous and tiring.

STIHL .325" RAPID™ Super (RS) low-vibration saw chain. Effectively dampens the transmission of surge energy to the guide bar, thereby significantly reducing the vibrations transferred to the operator. It also enables smooth incisions and cutting, is less prone to chatter and provides excellent cutting and plunge cutting performance.

Die-cast magnesium housing and stainless steel muffler. Provides the unit with a lower weight at only 4.95 kg (10.9 lb). The high quality of these materials also ensures a long service life.

Compact design. This model has smooth surfaces, round contours and lean dimensions, which prevent the tool from snagging or getting caught on clothes or twigs. It delivers excellent handling.

Ergonomic handle position. This allows you to manoeuvre the chain saw precisely and safely without unnecessary strain.

M-Tronic™. The fully electronic engine management system adjusts the ignition timing in all operating modes. It also precisely and electronically meters the fuel supply even when external conditions vary: e.g. fluctuating temperatures, change in altitude and inconsistent fuel quality. In addition, the M-Tronic™
saves your previous settings and restores them when you restart the chain saw. Meaning that you save time and get the job done faster.

Long-life air filter system with air routing and HD2 filter. Equipped with a long-life air filter system which uses air routing to remove larger particles of dirt, meaning the actual filter has less to do and lasts longer. The HD2 filter is made of polyethylene (PET) and its pores are up to 70% finer than those made of fleece or
polyamide. Furthermore, it is oil and water resistant, which makes it very easy to clean. The HD2 filter can be fitted and removed in seconds without any tools.

Captive nuts. It's impossible to lose the sprocket cover nuts when you're swapping cutting attachments, as they are attached to the actual sprocket cover.

STIHL side-mounted chain tensioning. The saw chain can be tightened effortlessly using the side-mounted chain tensioner while avoiding contact with the sharp
saw chain.

STIHL filling system. Both the fuel and oil tanks have large openings, making for easy refilling without spilling. Also, the fuel tank is transparent, so the fuel level is always visible. The patented STIHL tool-less special caps on the tanks can be easily opened and closed without the need for tools.

STIHL Ematic™ chain lubrication system. The oil pump can be adjusted to deliver just the right amount of oil to suit the cutting attachment you're using or the kind
of wood with which you are working. A precisely measured amount of chain lubricant is delivered to exactly where it's needed. This reduces the amount of
chain lubricant used by up to 50%, depending on the type of wood and the actual cutting attachment.


  • Improved ergonomics

                 o Weight reduced by 300 g to 4.95 kg from 5.27 kg

  •  Improved power

                o Performance increased from 2.9 kW to 3.0 kW

Displacement: 50.2 cc
Power Output: 3.0 kW
Weight:† 4.95 kg/10.9 lb

MSRP is $759.95*

† Excluding fuel, guide bar and saw chain.
* With 16" bar.

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