Introducing the NEW STIHL TS 500i cut-off machine

The world's first cut-off machine with fuel injection

TS 500i

STIHL introduces the new TS 500i STIHL Cutquik®, the world‘s first electronically controlled fuel injected cut-off machine in the handheld outdoor power equipment industry. Simplified starting procedure means no choke - just purge it and pull it. Compared to the industry leading TS 420, the TS 500i has 17% more power and only 6% more weight. Plus, the TS 500i features a new automatic water control system. It delivers perfect dust suppression at the push of a button and allows you to precisely meter the water supply. The X2 air filtration system provides an outstanding 99.96% cleaning efficiency. Powerful, lightweight and well-balanced, the STIHL TS 500i is designed for superior handling during the toughest jobs.

TS 500i 3D TS 500i in 3D

Experience the new fuel injection technology from our TS 500i in 3D

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New TS 500i