Woodwork with STIHL chain saws

Woodwork with STIHL chain saws

Felling trees, chopping wood ... but hold on! It doesn't always have to be firewood. You can use your STIHL chain saw for some creative work too. Build a nestbox, make a trough for flowers or construct some rustic seats. All the instructions are here. The best material to choose is weather-resistant conifers like larch, Douglas Fir or pine. Before you get started please read our instructions on chain saw safety. We hope you have fun!

Garden bench construction instructions

There's room for a rustic garden bench in almost any garden.

Instructions for making a flower trough

A home-made flower trough created from a tree trunk is a decorative feature in any garden.

Nestbox building instructions

Make a home for your little friends in the garden. With a little bit of DIY skill you can!