STIHL Xtreme Workwear

Ready for anything!

Xtreme Workwear

 Nothing is more important when you're working all day, than to be comfortable in your work clothing. The more comfortable you are, the less fatigue you feel and the safer you are. This was number one on the priority list when STIHL was designing the new Xtreme Workwear. For the arborist in the tree, or the forest worker climbing over fallen trees and scrambling up and down slopes; Xtreme Workwear will be your new best friend.

Look for the Xtreme Dealer logo if you're interested in STIHL's premium line-up of work apparel. These dealers will have stock of the latest in performance work wear available.

The highest quality functional fibres have been used to engineer clothing which features characteristics like breathability, water-repellency, durability and most of all, comfort.

If you're ready to take your game to the next level, get Xtreme with STIHL.

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