5 Tips for Spring

As we anticipate the weeks until we can enjoy our beautiful outdoor spaces, here are 5 ways to prepare!

5 Tips for Spring

 Many of us are excited to see the winter months fade behind us, and welcome the sunshine! As we anticipate the weeks until we can enjoy our beautiful outdoor spaces, here are 5 ways to prepare!

1) Prep Your Garden Tools: Take a look over your tools, and give them a good cleaning. Make sure you have fresh fuel in your gasoline powered equipment and fresh batteries! For a full checklist, click here.

2) Clean Up: Throughout the fall and winter, your garden experiences differing elements and weather storms and systems. Clear out all of the broken branches, leaves and debris that have piled on your lawn and gardens. The sooner that you do this, the less chance you have to damaging any spring bulbs trying to make their way out of the soil. Now is also a great time to trim any broken or dead branches and to prune and shape your trees. Check out STIHL's line of battery hedge trimmers to help you with this!

3) Show Your Soil Some Love: Turn over your soil with a pitchfork, and clear out any weeds that may have grown. Then add some fresh compost to add nutrients to your garden a couple of weeks before planting something. This allows the compost to mix well with your soil and won't cause any damage to the roots of any new plants.

4) Make a Plan: Your local nursery is the perfect spot to head to get recommendations from local experts on what flowers and vegetables are best for your location. Plan according to colours and heights!

5) Maintain! Maintain! Maintain! Once your annual flowers start blooming, it's a great time to start planting perennial flowers to supplement your garden. The late spring is also a great time to put down some mulch to protect your garden for the long hot summer ahead. As you're maintaining your gardens, don't forget about the maintenance on your tools too! Here, STIHL Canada's National Technical Manager Chad Dubois, shows you how to properly maintain your grass trimmer.

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