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Vacuum shredders

Vacuum shredders

Yard cleaning made easy

STIHL vacuum shredders pick up immense volumes of fallen leaves, cut grass and trimmings and simultaneously shred them. Reduced to less than 10% of the original volume, the organic material can be used directly for composting or mulching.

Compare Model Displacement ­(cc) Power output ­(kW/bhp) Weight ­(kg / lbs) STIHL Easy2Start™ (E) Featured Price
SH 56 C-E 27.2 0.7 / 1.0 5.2 / 11.5
$299.95 *
SH 86 C-E 27.2 0.8 / 1.1 5.6 / 12.3
$359.95 *

* Manufacturer's featured price updated as of January 1, 2018. Manufacturer’s featured prices are subject to change without notice.

The version(s) available in each country may differ from the above range and specifications; specific details may be subject to change without notice. Please ask your local STIHL Approved Dealer for further information.