Tips and further information about hearing protection

Protect your hearing by always using proper hearing protection

We have put together some things worth knowing and tips on using STIHL hearing protection.

Health hazards from noise

A high noise pressure level impacts on our hearing when spending any length of time in noisy areas or working with certain tools and machines. And if people are exposed to high levels for extended periods, their hearing may be damaged.

Hearing loss due to noise is often not noticed until it's too late. There's no cure for noise-induced hearing loss! People with hearing loss can no longer hear audible warnings like horns and sirens and are therefore exposed to greater risks at work and in traffic. Communicating with other people becomes very difficult as it is no longer possible to follow conversations.

Always wearing appropriate hearing protection is an effective way of preventing noise-induced hearing loss.

How much noise does my machine make?

What should I take into account when choosing hearing protection?

Ear defenders should sufficiently keep out ambient noise but should not totally blank out important sounds like horns, sirens and machine noises (overprotection).

A residual rating of 75 to 79 dB(A) at the ear is ideal. Noise levels over 87 dB(A) are never permissible.

Ear defenders keep out external noise in different frequency ranges to different extents according to their design. These noise filtering characteristics are referred to as H, M and L (High, Medium, Low). The noise from STIHL chain saws and power tools can be described as mid- to high-frequency. The M value therefore offers the most appropriate hearing protection.

Maintenance and storage

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