London, ON, 01/28/2015

Tough Tools for Tough Jobs:

STIHL Launches the HS 82 R/T Hedge Trimmers

HS 82 R/T Zoom

Whether it's a matter of trimming or pruning, STIHL is introducing the HS 82 R/T hedge trimmers to ensure a perfect cut every time when carrying out professional shrub and hedge maintenance.

"Even the most overgrown hedge doesn't stand a chance against these powerful machines," says Greg Quigg, President of STIHL Limited. "They're perfect for precise work when you need to contour around hedges and bushes. The high stroke rate, reduced tooth height and narrow tooth spacing guarantee an extremely precise, clean cut."

Features include:

Durable STIHL 2-MIX engine
Powerful and efficient: The STIHL 2-MIX engine boasts a high power delivery over a wide range of speeds and up to a 20% reduction in fuel consumption and 50% reduction in exhaust gases.

Long-life air filter system
Clean, filtered work: The long-life air filter system allows filters to enjoy a long service life and ensures effective engine protection.

Double-sided, sharpened cutting blades
Sharp, sharper, STIHL: The double-sided, sharpened blades and the innovative blade shape guarantee a clean, high-quality cut. Manufactured with Swiss precision in Wil, Switzerland. The double-sided cutting blade is perfectly suited for vertical and horizontal cuts and use in corners.

STIHL anti-vibration system
Makes hedges tremble, not the user: A spring system minimizes vibrations that would otherwise be transferred to the handle, allowing for effortless and comfortable work – even over long periods of time.

Rotatable multi-function handle
Always in the right direction: The multi-function handle can be positioned 90° to the left or right, making it easy to cut both horizontally and vertically. This ensures you always have the best handle on your tool.

Practical details
Made with you in mind: The tool-free fuel tank cap can be easily opened and closed. For your convenience, STIHL's innovative off switch returns to the on position and the integrated ring allows you to hang up the tool for space-saving and safe storage.

STIHL Easy2Start™ (optional with HS 82 R)
Pull the starter cord, not your back: STIHL Easy2Start™ makes the starting process significantly easier and reduces the required force.

"Professionals will love these hedge trimmers, as will any homeowner who enjoys a beautiful hedge," adds Quigg. "They have the cutting force needed for large jobs and the precision to carry out light pruning of overgrown hedges or clearing vegetation."

Only available at STIHL Authorized Dealers, the MSRP is $579.95.

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