Picking the Perfect Christmas Tree

Before you head off on the hunt to find your Christmas tree, we give you all the tips to finding the perfect one!

Picking the Perfect Christmas Tree Select Your Location

Before you head to the lot or store to pick out this year's perfect tree, you must be certain of where you want to place the tree and the space available. Try to avoid spots near heat sources such as radiators, fireplaces, heating vents and even televisions or sun drenched windows. Also try to tuck the tree into a low-traffic area to avoid accidental bumping and possible safety issues. Next, you'll need to measure the space dimensions you have to work with, bearing in mind that a tree stand will add a few extra inches of height, as will a star or angel to finish the top.

Consider a Charitable Tree Lot

Tis the season for giving, so you could look for a tree lot that donates a portion of the sale to a local charity! You could also purchase an extra tree that can be donated to a family that cannot afford one!

Select the Right Tree

When selecting your tree, there are a few important things to consider. Make sure you like the colour and texture of the foliage. Pull a couple of branches through your hands to make sure it holds its needles….many pre-cut trees have been sitting for weeks after being cut…so if lots of needles come off in your hand, you may want to keep looking! Make sure there is room between the limbs for hanging your ornaments and be sure to measure the height and width so it will fit in the house! You can always do a little trimming when you get home if you need to.

Try a Live Tree

Balled and burlapped or container trees can be a nice choice for a live tree. It will be heavier and need more diligent care once inside the home, but after the holidays are over, it can be added to the landscape. One extra step you'll need to consider is the assessment of the planting site for adequate growing space, sunlight and also watering needs. It's tempting to plant small trees up close to the house or other trees, etc., but remember that they grow quite large and could cause issues in the future if planted too close!

Prepare Your Tree for Indoors

Once you pick the perfect tree and get it home, make a fresh cut at the base, unless it was already done for you. One thing I like to do before I bring my tree inside is to take out my STIHL blower and give the tree a quick blast to remove any loose needles, debris wedged in the branches and, most importantly, remove any insects that might have survived the journey. Be sure to give your tree a good drink right away and keep checking the water lever daily…you might be surprised by how quickly the water disappears!

Recycle Your Tree

After Christmas is over, you'll need to dispose of the family tree. There are many recycling programs that take the trees and turn them into mulch which can be added back to the landscape later!


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