Top Ten Maintenance Tips for Spring

Before you get going on your spring projects, make sure you're tools are ready for the job

Top Ten Maintenance Tips For Spring

Here is a check list to get your tools ready to run:

1) Check the spark plugs and replace if necessary

2) Check air filters for dirt and damage and replace if necessary. Clean the debris from blowers and trimmers as well!

3) Inspect your STIHL product for any broken parts – and replace if necessary

4) This is the perfect time to sharpen or change your saw chains, as well as replace your trimmer line

5) Check all the screws and nuts and tighten if necessary

6) Lubricate all parts where friction occurs

7) Check the power cords on electric tools for damage or wear

8) When mixing fuel, use fresh fuel (stored less than 2 months) and new engine oil OR use STIHL's MotoMix Premixed Fuel in your fuel tanks

9) For battery equipment – charge the batteries so they are ready to go

10) Now that you are ready to go, don't get started so fast! Let your STIHL power tool warm up for a few minutes after a season of storage!

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